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The Spring Festival Encore Begins in Lord of the Rings Online

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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From now through June 3rd, Lord of the Rings Online players can take part in the Spring Festival. Players will travel through the game world to visit both Bree-land and Ered Luin to take part in the festivities.

During the Encore event, players will be able to take Spring-themed quests including Drunken-Fence-Walking in The Shire and the Dancing Emote quest in Thorin's Hall.

Other quests include:

  • A Taste of Spring daily quest
  • the Spring Dandy title can be earned for completing a number of events and quests
  • the ability to earn Spring Leaves that can be used to purchase cosmetic gear and items as well as Festival Boxes
  • quests and activities in Bree-Land, via the Inn League, Duillond quests, quests in Brocken borings and several others

You'll definitely want to check out the handy Spring Festival 2019 guide over at Fibrojedi.me.uk!


Suzie Ford

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