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The Speeder is Undergoing Changes in Dual Universe

Changes arriving soon

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The latest news out of Dual Universe points to changes for the Speeder.

It looks like these changes are meant to improve first-time user experience for players. To that end, the team announced changes for Travel mode, whereas Cruise mode won’t be affected. It looks like the W/S keys control speed. Additionally, you can use Spacebar for a small jump of about four meters. This is effectively just meant to avoid obstacles.

Other changes include the removal of explicit control of nose up and nose down (thus the W/S controls mentioned above). Instead, nose up will be automatic. While holding W will accelerate your craft, releasing it will slowly brake the speeder.

Shift+W will result in a “run” with full thrust. S will move your speeder backwards. If you want, you can still use the mouse wheel in lieu of W and S. The team added,

“We feel that there should be a fundamental difference between controlling an atmospheric ship and a ground vehicle, and we wanted a more intuitive experience for first time users..Please note that for those who already own a Speeder, you will have to apply these changes in-game by right-clicking the hovercraft seat and selecting ‘Apply default autoconfigure > Ground construct’. “


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