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The Soulbringer Brings its Rapid-Slicing Twin Blades to Elyon on September 7th

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 Elyon  will get a brand new sword-wielding class on September 7th, the Soulbringer. 

Twin blades at their sides, Demon Sword and Wraith Sword, the Soulbringer is a force arriving in Elyon next month. The class was first announced back in March via Kakao Now and is the first new class since the introduction of the Paladin back in May.

There’s a new teaser trailer introducing the class that shows off a number of attacks and abilities to expect. While the announcement of the new class didn’t come with more solid info, the action-packed teaser does give a sense of the speed and power of this class.

The Soulbringer gets an official description that emphasizes the level of energy and power to expect from playing this new class:

“Soulbringers are sword masters who manipulate the power of the soul and their Twin Blades, Demon Sword and Wraith Sword, to annihilate their enemies. Using their lethal skills, Soulbringers can turn an unfavorable situation with a single blow and inspire fear in their opponents.”

They use soul energy to fuel their attacks, and you can see from the video that their attacks can be fast and unforgiving. They will, naturally, require more soul energy and even in the video of the class in action, you can see how the cycle of annihilating enemies with some quick, powerful slices from two swords might make this all possible.

The new class will arrive on September 7th in a brand new major update to come. Things have been a little quieter in Elyon lately in terms of content updates and this is just one of the reveals from Kakao Now back in March that still hasn’t made it into the game yet. There will also be a login event from September 7-21 to get you the Soulbringer’s outfit.

For more on the Soulbringer, head to Elyon.


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