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The Sirens' Prize, Sea of Thieves' Latest Limited Adventure, is Live Ahead of Community Day This Weekend

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It’s time for the next chapter of challenges in Sea of Thieves. The latest Adventure, The Sirens’ Prize, debuts today ahead of this weekend's Community Day.

After the last chapter, the unfortunate Merrick has been saved, sort of, and the Dark Brethren has taken some losses. Merrick has also taken some losses,  deciding to stay behind as a spectral form rather than return to mortal life in order to protect his family. However, it's more of a bittersweet result for him. And there’s still the question of Belle.

Belle is searching for something. There's more danger out there, including Captain Flameheart, and unanswered questions. She finds something of concern, and this propels her into action, diving deep into the sea.  

Now that the new Adventure has launched, it will remain available Until September 29th. You'll be able to investigate the latest round of mysteries and propel the story along in this, the seventh Adventure since the launch of the new narrative structure. Who is Belle looking for help from? What is she trying to do? Of course, this and more will be things you can investigate now that the Adventure is out.

This weekend also features the Season Seven Community Day, which will take place on Saturday, September 17th. This takes place around the annual Talk Like a Pirate Day, so expect this to be a little extra special this time. Like other community days, there are special events, lots of available bonus multipliers, a renowned boost, and more to unlock as a community. The team is also planning to, for the first time, unleash additional Ancient Skeletons if the community hits the final Community Emissary grade. 

There are also login emote claims tied to Talk Like a Pirate Day between September 15th and September 20th.

For more on Community Day, or on the new adventure, head over to Sea of Thieves.


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