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The Siege of Neverwinter Event Kicks Off Today

Not the siege of Minas Tirith

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The Siege of Neverwinter event kicks off in Neverwinter today.

The event is set to begin at 1p ET today and last through 1p ET on March 26. In short, the Cult of the Dragon is planning on sieging the city of Neverwinter and it’s up to you to defend it.

Multiple activities are on hand such as cult invasion, counter attack, and dragon attack. Cult invasion requires you to protect the workers of the city to make sure their work gets completed. Counter attack will see you heading into battle to fight the cult. And dragon attack will have you fight against the dragons outside the city.

Rewards include the Siegebreaker Griffon, Neverwinter Siegebreaker’s Charger, Pristine Siegebreaker’s Battle Horn, Siegebreaker’s Banner, Neverwinter Champion’s Charger (event store), Champion’s Banner (Event Store), Neverwintan Defender’s Pack, and Battlefield Scavenger’s Pack.

Event companions are also on hand like the Neverember Guard Archer and the Battlefield Medic. You’ll also receive items to help you including Writ of Commendations, Dragon Cult Insignia, and the Medal of Heroism.


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