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'The Shrouded Deep', Third New Limited Adventure Coming to Sea of Thieves Tomorrow

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Sea of Thieves is getting its third time limited Adventure tomorrow. The new adventure, The Shrouded Deep, continues the overall story from the last adventure, Forts of the Forgotten, and Rare has a refresher for those that need to catch up before taking part.

The last Adventure sent everyone to help the residents of Golden Sands Outpost, fighting Phantoms together to save them. The Reapers’ plan was exposed, and Belle’s involvement saved many by convincing Wonda, sister of Wanda, who had served Captain Flameheart before, to not surrender and take her sister’s place.

The intrigue and involvement continue because there is a rumor that Flameheart has captured one of the mysterious Ancients. These rumors persist and Flameheart’s ambition still alive, there’s more work to be done. Dark relics and the prior danger faced from the Sea of the Damned, may be related to one of Belle’s discoveries - an artefact known as the Veil of the Ancients.

If this drama and looming danger has  wet your appetite for the new adventure oh, it will be live tomorrow, April 21st and runs through May 19th. If you play at Legend level, then you’ll also have access to Legend of the Veil Voyage tomorrow as well. This new Voyage will have you interacting with the ancients oh, with mysterious story and a dramatic finale in a supernatural storm and an important fight. This Voyage also serves as a prequel to the new adventure, so if you want to get an idea of the background behind the new adventure content, and you are at the correct membership level, you should probably start there tomorrow.

In a preview of the new Voyage,  the team emphasizes that Legend Voyages were a requested feature and there are new environments here, sunken shipwrecks and islands, and it will give players fresh places to explore.

See the preview of The Shrouded Deep here at Sea of Thieves.


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