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The Shadowmoon Faire Returns to World of Warcraft, With Quests, Rides, Loot, and Games With a Twist

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World of Warcraft is now in the midst of the returning Darkmoon Faire, which returned yesterday and lasts for just one week each month. 

The Darkmoon Faire was announced as returning, and it will continue to come back each month, so you’ll have another chance at its content and rewards on a repeating basis. If you haven’t had the chance to spend time on the isle when the Faire was open, now’s your chance. There’s no level restriction on this event. You’ll have to get there via portals only open while the event runs, and you’ll also need Darkmoon Game Tokens to play some games and test your luck and skill. When you play games with coins, you'll often receive Darkmoon Prize Tickets in return, which you can exchange for loot.

The Darkmoon Arcade as a whole should feel familiar if you’ve ever enjoyed some popular carnival and computer games. Things like having to keep track of and pick a barrel that gets moved around the table, match games, HexSweeper, where you have to make a path through a minefield, identifying the trap locations, and more. Of course, all of these have the WoW twist you’d expect. Yet, some of the fun also includes some different forms of competition.

If you're ready to go in a dance-off, this will definitely be your way of earning rewards and achievements. Take on the dance competition and earn the Dance Dance Darkmoon Toy, which will summon a stage wherever you are and keep you dancing. There's a heavy metal concert every half hour, and if you upstage the Death Metal Knight and his Ghouls in the concert, you'll be able to get a prize. 

There are also rides like a rollercoaster and a carousel, a petting zoo, and of course quests and the chance to defeat a few bosses. There are also daily minigames, pet battles, a race challenge, and more. And you'll be able to get a whole slew of items, including Darkmoon specific ones.

Read all about the Darkmoon Faire here at World of Warcraft.


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