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The Shadowlands Pre-Patch Notes Are Here

Huge array of topics from character creation to the companion app

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If you’ve been waiting for the Shadowlands pre-patch notes, wait no longer. The notes for World of Warcraft’s latest expansion are extensive covering off several major topics.

The notes themselves touch on Death Rising Event, Levels, Items and Stats Adjusted, New Character Customization, New Starting Experience, Achievements,              Allied Races, Auction House, Black Market, Auction House, Classes, Dungeons and Raids, Items and Rewards, Pet Battles, PvP, User Interface, World Events, and the WoW Companion App.

We’ve actually covered several of these topics in the past as Blizzard has slowly dripfed news of what we can expect in this pre-patch. For example, character creation is getting some welcome changes including new options for skin tones, hairstyles, eye colors, and more.

Here are a selection from the full extensive patch notes touching on the companion app:

  • Legion missions and followers are now available.
  • Characters can now be favorited in the Character Selection screen.
  • The latest WoW news is now available in the app.

The patch notes also touched on dungeons, raids, and affixes

  • Mythic Keystone Dungeon Affixes
    • Bursting
      • Bursting is now a dispellable Magic debuff.
      • Bursting deals a flat amount of damage instead of a percentage based off of max HP.
    • Volcanic
      • Players are now knocked in the air when hit by Volcanic.
      • Volcanic now deals damage equal to 15% of the player’s health (was 40%).
    • Sanguine
      • Sanguine's duration reduced to 20 seconds (was 60 seconds).
    • Grievous
      • Non-periodic heals now removes 1 stack of Grievous.
      • Grievous now deals a flat amount of damage instead of a percentage based off of max HP.
    • Explosive
      • Explosive Orbs now spawn 4 to 8 yards from the unit that summoned them (was 3 yards).
      • Explosive Orb health has been reduced and no longer scales with keystone level.
      • Explosive Orbs now have a sound effect when defeated.

As a reminder, Shadowlands was delayed out of October with no release date announced as of yet.


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