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The Seething Shore Battleground Now Live on NA Servers for a Limited Time

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North American players can now queue up for the brand new battleground called The Seething Shore (thanks, WoWHead!). The battleground is considered one of the precursors to the upcoming Battle for Azeroth expansion and sees players facing off against the opposite faction to claim Azerite, a new resource that could change the face of warfare on Azeroth forever. The battleground will be available for one week only in each region and will be released in its final form with the expansion.

We’re introducing a new 10 vs. 10 Battleground to World of Warcraft, beginning with a special preview Brawl. Get ready to claim the incredible resources waiting on the Seething Shore!

Azeroth has been dealt a terrible blow; her wound is grave, and a powerful new substance known as Azerite has been seen seeping up to the surface. As hostilities between the Horde and Alliance reignite, both factions recognize Azerite’s potential to turn the coming battle in their favor.

Located on an island near Silithus, the Seething Shore challenges teams to compete for control of Azerite nodes. Three nodes are active at any given time, and the first team to collect 1,500 Azerite claims victory.

To succeed, you’ll need team coordination to lock down control of the various nodes across the island, all while keeping a keen eye on the sky for additional power-ups that could give your team the edge you need.

Take part in a special preview Brawl beginning February 27 before it goes live in the normal Battleground rotation on March 6!

There are a number of achievements that can be had as well including Blood and Sand, A Good Start, and Death from Above.

Learn more by visiting the BfA preview page on the World of Warcraft community site.


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