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The Scalding Abyss High Level Dungeon Revealed

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The Dark & Light Steam page has been updated with a further look at today's update that includes the game's second PvE dungeon called The Scalding Abyss. As the name implies, this is one hot dungeon as it is set within the volcano at World's End. Players will be facing off against a number of new enemies including the Ashen Fist Goblin, Molten Artificer, Emberling, Scalding Wyrm and the big boy himself, Bel'xahl the Scorched, dominion holder of the volcano.

Players will want to do whatever it takes to improve their odds while adventuring through the dungeon. Crafting a set of Flame Armor and using the special flame axe, Searing Edge, should do the trick. Don't forget to bring water bottles, healing / chilling runes and more to keep things moving along.

Other notable inclusions in the update are:

  • the Hot Springs area for a bit of R&R after a fierce dungeon battle
  • Wild Turkeys running about to help stock the table for Thanksgiving
  • Thanksgiving-themed fun
  • 33% off as part of Steam's Autumn Sale

You can read more on the Dark & Light Steam page.

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