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The RuneScape Franchise Expands With Two New Tabletop Games Coming This Year

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The RuneScape franchise is expanding with the announcement of two tabletop games set for release later this year.

RuneScape will be getting both a board game and a tabletop role-playing game with a core book inspired by RuneScape‘s lore and the world of Gielinor. The board game will get a Kickstarter campaign but the TTRPG will simply get a direct release. Both games will take inspiration from classic quests, characters, and lore of the games into reimagined events and experiences and open potential for tabletop players.

With RuneScape having run for over two decades now, there is a lot of room to work with, but of course maintaining a loyal player base for those two decades means you’ve got some very discerning players out there. The games are being made by Steamforged under a deal with Jagex. Steelforged is a company that has had success with video game tabletop adaptations. Their monster hunter: world board game gross over £3.4 million on Kickstarter last year.

The board game will take 1 to 5 players across campaigns through Gielinor, where they can upgrade their equipment, learn new skills, interact with NPCs, cook, and more including go on  side quests.

The tabletop RPG will be an in-depth adventure with a hardback core book that will have rules for letting players run their own RuneScape tabletop games. This will take character creation from your PC and mobile to your nearest friend group. You can build your characters, explore, create quests, and create your adventures. It is compatible with the fifth edition of Dungeon & Dragons

Well many of us are probably used to tabletop and written adventures getting the game adaptation road, it shows that there’s potential for the other way around to work. There’s no word on exactly when these will come, but it will be this year.

For more, you can head to the RuneScape tabletop page over at Steamforged.


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