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The RPG Files: Rising Spire Is A Fully-Funded Turn-Based RPG Inspired By Final Fantasy

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Inspired by the turn-based RPGs that established the genre, Rising Spire is a Final Fantasy-Esque RPG that has been fully funded on Kickstarter as of March 2nd. The four-person studio behind the project is looking towards stretch goals as the project still has 14 days to go on its campaign.

The four-person studio behind Rising Spire, Lonely Final Boss Studios, states that the RPG will be story-driven, where players will explore the world, solve puzzles, and more. It looks interesting, and it seems potential players have agreed, as the project was funded well in advance of its campaign closing. 

"Born from the love of the classic titles we grew up with, Rising Spire is a [story-driven] turn-based RPG deeply inspired by the Final Fantasy series. Explore unique lands, build strong bonds with unlikely allies, solve puzzles, and defeat powerful entities to uncover the secrets of the past and stop the world from destroying itself."

The team is centering the RPG on the turn-based combat that defined JRPGs in the 90s and early 2000s. Though, Lonely Final Boss Studios states that there will be some modern conveniences, such as the ability to swap weapons during combat. You will also be able to "harness the power of your enemies" which will allow you to unleash new attacks in the heat of combat.

Rising Spire also promises character-driven story elements, with you being able to keep track of everything in your journal. As the world of Malus doesn't revolve around the main character, Atlas, LFBS states that the world and its stories will unfold around him, being told by "those around you."

While only asking for $20K to work on the project, the studio is now looking to stretch goals, such as a Nintendo Switch port, as well as DLC post-launch. 

You can check out more details about the indie RPG project on their Kickstarter. If you're interested in checking it out for yourself, there is a free "prelude" available on Steam which gives some insight into the style, mechanics and a bit more. While no exact date is listed for release, the press kit lists a Q4 2022 target.


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