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'The Rogue's Legacy', the 10th Sea of Thieves Adventure, is Live With Lore and Decisions to Make

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Sea of Thieves has rolled out its 10th adventure of the year, The Rogue’s Legacy. This Adventure sees the Guardians Of Fortune once again clashing with the Servants of the Flame. You'll also get an important request for help from Tasha, the tavern keeper, who is caught in a potentially deadly curse.

There's a new cinematic trailer for The Adventure, and you'll get an idea of what's at stake here. Tasha is curious about adventuring, and after getting out there, she has discovered the truth of what had happened to her. She has come under a skeletal curse. Deadly curses are not exactly unheard of in Sea of Thieves, (and you can even turn yourself skeletal with enough effort now) but she’ll need some help.

Luckily you are around to possibly lend her some assistance. She admits to the curse, which is consuming her gradually,  but there is some hope if you can learn more about the teachings of Captain Briggsy. This is the set up for this new adventure and Captain Briggsy had left behind some lessons for Tasha to set her on her own path to becoming an adventurous pirate. Now, she finds herself cursed and maybe the teachings of her mentor hold the key to saving her.

Briggsy’s name is not spoken of lightly, so this Adventure promises a lore dive and more enrichment of the ongoing narrative. Her own end came after being cursed and transforming under a skeletal curse, cast out by other pirates and destroyed as a supposed threat.

Now, things come full circle, after Tasha once again takes up some of her old curiosities and her mentor’s lessons after learning new information. 

While this newest Adventure seems to be of a smaller scale than the last highly consequential one there’s still much here that is to be discovered

A Rogue’s Legacy will run through December 22nd. Read the announcement at Sea of Thieves.


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