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The Repopulation Team Publishes 2019 Roadmap & Introduces the New Starting Island

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The Repopulation site has been updated with a new post that provides the community with a look at the most recent development milestones to the game. While some of 2018's roadmap spilled into 2019, developers were able to "complete several goals" with a lot of "forward movement". Most recently, the team has been working on the Tutorial Island by overhauling its scripting and preparing it for new terrain textures.

Our focus has been to create a unified theme that will blend the new assets with those that are currently in-game by addressing issues such as some of the dark almost post-apocalyptic colors and styles. Each Nation will have its own flare that will reflect their uniqueness while still falling into the same style of art.

Other developmental progress has been made in these areas:

  • lore has been revised as writers "weave the original and expanded together to make the story more open-ended"
  • updated nation and company emblems
  • tracking down issues with missing characters and player disconnects
  • upgrading development servers "to help reduce the overall development time"

You can check out the full post on The Repopulation site.


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