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The Realm Online Fan Reboot Is Shuttering Its Server On June 30th As IP Negotiations Break Down

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The Realm Online's fan-fueled reboot server is, unfortunately, being shut down at the end of the month due to IP negotiations breaking down with the current rights holder, Norseman Games.

The Realm Online's recent fan reboot has been going for five years and was an attempt to bring the classic MMORPG back to life. However, that journey is ending this month, as the team behind the reboot relayed to fans yesterday evening. Since March, the team behind The Realm Online server was in talks with Norseman Games to acquire the IP rights to the MMO, but their offers were apparently deemed "inadequate."

"Since the beginning of March, we have been talking with Norseman Games to acquire the IP rights to The Realm Online. At first, they seemed open and willing to entertain working out a deal with us, and we were confident in our ability to present them a compelling and valuable offer. Unfortunately, after presenting two offers to them we received little feedback. We were never provided a counteroffer nor any requested details to help us understand why our valuation was "inadequate". As a result, our relationship is ending and with it our ability to continue to operate and develop the game."

As such, the team states that the current deal with Norseman offers "no path to acquiring the IP," stating further that revenue percentages that go to Norseman increase while the actual revenue to the devs here decreased. The LLC members have not been paid in over a year, the fan server founders claim.

As the server shutters, subscribers should start to see prorated refunds, and the site and game world will be shuttered on June 30th at 6pm ET.  However, the devs do leave a door open to bring everything back should the negotiations with Norseman prove fruitful in the future as they will be keeping Finvarra's Fortress server's data intact.

"The previous five years has presented The Realm with an amazing group of volunteers; these people have been instrumental to the community and well beyond. We hope that one day we can collaborate with these great folks again."


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