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The Realm of Dreams, Guild Wars 2's Next Secrets of the Obscure Update, Launches February 27th

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Guild Wars 2’s second big update for the Secrets of the Obscure expansion finally has a name and a date. The Realm of Dreams will go live on February 27th, with new weapon proficiencies for all classes, new legendary relics, two new legendary bosses, and a continuation of the Kryptis invasion story.

This is a big update, and for those who have been waiting since the expansion originally released back in August, the next chapter is nearly here. For expansion owners, get ready to explore a brand new section of Nayos, home of the Kryptis, in order to find a way to stop the enemy from crushing Tyria. This is the second of three planned content updates for this expansion, with a finale to come later in the year.

In addition to diving deeper into the story and working against the latest threat, there are a number of new and expanded features on the way to explore too. In November’s first update, Through the Veil introduced a new feature, Convergences. Convergences are instances open at night with support for up to 50 players to battle members of the Kryptis. Difficulty does scale based on size, but with a big new update on the way, it wouldn’t be surprising to find fuller groups when the update launches. In The Realm of Dreams, two new legendary combat bosses will begin to spawn in the Convergences. 

Where there are new bosses, there are new mechanics to master, and of course, new loot. In addition to the new legendary relic, the first tier of new legendary Obsidian armor will also be part of the new gear rewards lineup. 

Each profession will also get access to a brand new weapon proficiency line. Maybe you’ve always wanted a Necromancer with a sword, Ranger with a Mace, or a Thief with an axe, or any number of other options. Well, these new options are coming for expansion owners. The team has been testing out the new options for a while now, and is polishing them up for the release later this month. Rangers will also have access to a new pet.

The Wizard’s Vault also gets some  new rewards to collect. Challenge Mode comes to the Temple of Febe Strike Mission. Finally, there will be an expansion to the Astral Ward Mastery line.

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