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The Quinfall Shows off Pets and Mounts, From Varieties (Bees?) to Evolution, Skills, and Taming

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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The Quinfall has another new gameplay video, this time showing off some of the pets and mounts you can acquire, along with their mechanics.

Some pets are of a more standard variety. The video does not label any of the creatures, so they present as “pet” in the video. Still, you can see things like foxes, rabbits, a fox meets rabbit-like creature that has a tail that bends slightly and has a light source on its end, a tiny rhino, and many more. Developer Vawraek also shows off how it will look to have your pet follow you, how they will act when you’re in combat.

At one point, the pet selection screen pops up and shows how you’ll be able to choose from the critters you acquire. Even a large bee. Yes, a segment of the video shows our wandering adventurer with a large bee by his side, whether walking along or heading into combat. The bee doesn’t react too dynamically to the heat of combat but it does move around the player and get into the thick of things. That pet with a light on its tail? In a quick shot, we see the player character in a field at night take out that particularly useful critter. 

Also see menus and mechanics for improving your pet's skills, in addition to what they are calling pet evolution. That bee from earlier, in one screen we see an evolution option where you can produce a more powerful version by selecting pets from your inventory to merge and use to evolve your subject. In the demo, we see that you can use any 10 pets from your inventory in this evolution process, so it seems like you might want to collect all the pets you can get and then use them to boost the ones you prefer to use. 

Mounts in The Quinfall also get a similar display of menus, as well as gameplay video of catching, taming, and summoning them for a ride. Our player character here catches and rides a new horse with his evolved bee at his side. Finally, we get a look at mount breeding, which will let you breed common and rare horses.

The Quinfall is headed for a new playtest soon.


Christina Gonzalez

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