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The Quinfall Enters A New Chapter with a Call for Player Testing

Calling All Testers!

Steven Weber Posted:
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The Quinfall, an indie fantasy MMORPG by Turkish studio Vawraek Technology, has recently took to their socials and Discord to request that players sign up for testing. As the game gears up for its closed beta release later this year, the developers want to involve their community to help shape the game prior to any release.

A Glimpse into The Quinfall

For those unfamiliar with The Quinfall, it's an upcoming MMORPG developed by Vawraek Technology set in a war-torn fantasy land. While more specific details are being revealed in bits and pieces, what we do know is that players will have the freedom to engage in both PvE and PvP encounters and the team plans to eliminate classes, opting for a more skill and weapon-based system.

A Call for Player Testers

Recently, an announcement on their official Discord channel, revealed the team's decision to establish a new Test Team, consisting entirely of players. This move, separate from their existing test team, underscores the developers' desire to put player feedback at the forefront of their development cycle, so that the game resonates with its community.

"Hello, with the decision taken by our management team, it has been decided to establish a Test Team consisting entirely of players as a different team other than the existing test team. We always care about the opinions of our players and we want you to have a share in this adventure."

-The Quinfall Discord Account

For those interested in joining, you can apply for testing through the application process.

Since its initial reveal, The Quinfall has been growing slowly, despite the limited information the team has revealed. Initiall slated for a Q4 2023 release on Steam, it’s more likely that we’ll see a Beta or Early Access announcement, if any type of open release state is announced this year. However, as Q4 is only just on the horizon, we’ll keep our eyes peeled for more information regarding The Quinfall.


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