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The Pawesome Festival Begins in ArcheAge, With the Rosen Crystal Store Opening for Compensation

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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The latest round of updates for ArcheAge and ArcheAge: Unchained include an event for March, new bug fixes, and the Rosen Crystal shop created to address compensation issues.

In time for celebration, the Pawesome Festival is happening from today through March 17th. During the event Windscour Savannah will be a Peace Zone for the festivities. Daily quests and repeatable quests will reward you with Festival Coins that you can use for crafting special rewards. Two of the daily quests, A Kindly Caretaker and Frail Young Animals pair together to get you a brand new animal for your home. Once you accept the first quest, you’ll eventually be in charge of caring for a baby animal. When you complete both, you’ll get to keep the animal it grew into, with each having four possible final types. They’re classified as furniture, so you will be able to get one from several variations of cats, a puppy, or calves. 

There are other quests and activities for Festival Coins, and you will be able to exchange them through crafting  for pet cushions, a pet bed, plushies, a pet leash, and more. If you craft a small plushie with your coins you can combine that plushie with additional coins to create large plushies. With these quests being daily and repeatable, you might be able to get several rewards.

The Rosen Crystal Store also opens up with today's update and Kakao Games has been working on what to present in the store because this is a compensation feature for previous issues regarding an error with coin compensation. They might add additional items in the future, but for now the initial shop will feature items like masks, teleport scrolls, furniture, potions, swimwear, and many other possibilities. From March 3rd there will also be two compensation packages to claim if you’re eligible, one for those affected by the credit reclamation and for others who needed to have gold returned because Kakao took back too much.

For more information on the Rosen Crystal Store and the compensation determinations, see this update over at ArcheAge. For more on the festival, you can see that announcement here


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