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The Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen Team is Growing as It Heads to Pre-Alpha 4

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The latest edition of the Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen newsletter is out and about. As usual, it is packed with lots of fantastic information for fans of the game, including the news that the team is growing. As the team moves forward to Pre-Alpha 4, it is putting "the full Pantheon experience" in place including "all of the systems, animations, models, sounds, and effects one would expect to see in a modern game."

In addition, a special section has been set up to show off some of the thoughts of the pre-alpha player community, including their impressions of what they have seen so far:

2. What has been your most memorable moment thus far?

Nick W. Even though I made some fun memories with my group as we pushed the envelope by leveling quickly and defeating challenging group content, the most memorable moment for me wasn’t anything that noteworthy. One time when adventuring in Avendyr’s Pass, my group got a very large and unexpected pull. With some quick thinking, teamwork, and communication, we were able to overcome all odds and survive, despite suffering a couple quick deaths. The rush I felt when challenged like that is something that is rarely felt in most modern MMOs. That’s the great thing about Pantheon; memorable moments are made with almost every play session. Even ordinary accomplishments and gameplay feel extremely satisfying.

Pauline M. The first time I logged in. I remember I just sat there and stared at the screen, taking in the view, listening to the sounds and watching all the happy players around me. I actually had some joyful tears form. I had to take a deep breath, ground myself…. and then I dove in.

The player Q&A covers a range of topics, so you'll definitely want to check the letter to read them all.

Lastly, the Rogues Gallery takes a look at one of the enemies that players will face off against in the game, The Spriggan.

Check it all out on the Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen website.


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