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The Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen Team Grows, With Plans to Push Towards Alpha This Year

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The January producer's letter for Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen is out, and the Visionary Realms team is growing, with the goal of spending 2022 pushing towards an alpha for the game.

The team has added a new concept artist as well as preparing for greater expansion. As of now, there are updates on what the team has been working on in order to flesh out the game. They are converting the existing system to HDRP, and the QA team is planning testing for the HDRP client. 

There is also a new Road to Alpha progress stream talking about where the team is, some videos and images showing initial trees and foliage as well as info on the networking update, which will also allow them to create and refine all classes. This stream also shows the material library for metals which is the foundation they are building of what will be the crafting system. The developers showed off the different variations between the metal materials and said they will have meaning and different types will be found across the environments of the planet. That was the first type, but we'll see the same for leather, cloth, and other material types according to their plans.

Also for January, there is a Q&A with the QA lead Kim Morrison talking about what it means that the new HDRP build is coming. With progress being made, they are currently in the phase of writing test plans for each of the zones and major systems. Once the HDRP build is in place they will proceed with a lot of new tech and other plans that they had on hold. Some of these were mentioned in the stream and other dev updates, like terrain streaming and other features

To read the producer letter and more info on the QA progress as well, you can head over to the January 2022 newsletter over at Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen.


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