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The Outer Worlds On Nintendo Switch Delayed Due to Coronavirus Outbreak

Joseph Bradford Updated: Posted:
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The acclaimed RPG from Obsidian, The Outer Worlds, will be delayed on Nintendo Switch due to the outbreak of the coronavirus impacting the Virtuos team, Private Division, the publisher on The Outer Worlds, stated via Twitter today. Originally slated for March 6th on Nintendo's platform, the team at Private Division has delayed the release of the RPG on Switch and no new launch date has been given.

Private Division has stressed that the team at Virtuos, the developers behind the port of The Outer Worlds to Switch, are ok, but the office has been closed during this time as China is dealing with the outbreak of the coronavirus. Many areas in China have been closed down and quarantined as a result, and it seems Virtuos is no exception.

There is good news with this delay as well, for those who were planning on picking up the physical version of The Outer Worlds. Previously the game was simply going to be a download code in the box, but Private Division in the same tweet have announced that the physical version will now release also on a cartridge. 

This isn't the only thing in the industry affected by the coronavirus outbreak as earlier today UploadVR is reporting that Oculus Quest manufacturing could also be affected by the outbreak. 


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