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The Optimization Station Returns in Division 2 Update 12

Plus inventory increase (finally)

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The Optimization Station makes its return to Division 2 in Title Update 12.

You can access the Optimization Table through the Recalibration Station. This station will allow you to optimize the stats of your gear to their max value. You can learn more about the optimization station here.

Challenges are also coming to the Summit mode. You’ll be able to complete several objectives to earn rewards. Challenges will fall under tactical challenges or ascent challenges. Note, these challenges are player-specific. This means others in your group may not see the same challenges. Rewards include XP, targeted loot items, and summit challenge caches. Other rewards are dependent on your milestone and include:

  • 5th: New Exotic Assault Rifle (One Time Reward)
  • 20th: Named Item Cache
  • 30th: Exotic Cache
  • 10th, 20th, 30th: Blueprint + Specialisation points each.

Update 12 also brings new gear like the exotic shotgun Scorpio, exotic holster Waveform, the Rigger gear set, and the Achilles Pulse skill variant. Several improvements are also introduced, bringing a much requested inventory size increase from 50 to 150.


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