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The Official RuneScape Cookbook is Now Available For Purchase

Sam Plaisance Posted:
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For those ready to whip up some delicious and iconic creations in the kitchen like some blend of an MMORPG Gordon Ramsay, the RuneScape Cookbook is now up for grabs. 

Last year, the RuneScape developers revealed there would be an interesting cookbook heading our way at some point in the future. Today marks the day that the cookbook is finally available for purchase, sporting over 50 recipes from the MMORPG RuneScape that longtime and new players will remember fondly. 

Pre-orders for the recipe book went live in late March, alongside the devs discussing the events and minor updates that hit the game that same week. Once pre-orders were up and running, the developers gave everyone a peek at what to expect from the book, like the Baked Potato three (or More) ways recipes and more. 

This is definitely an interesting way to get RuneScape players attention, and honestly it's a fun idea in general. The book really brings the world of RuneScape right into our homes.

There are plenty of other interesting RuneScape related things to look forward to and to enjoy right now, such as more Old School Runescape content that brings even more Varlamore and a new group boss challenge

Whether you’re enjoying the game and all of its content or kicking back and cooking an iconic meal, just remember not to burn the Shrimps. 


Sam Plaisance