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The Next Overwatch Archive Event is Called Storm Rising Set in Cuba

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Update: The Blizzard team has announced that the next Overwatch Archive lore event is called Storm Rising. The event till run from April 16th to May 6th and appears it will be set in Cuba. Tracer is leading a team consisting of Genji, Mercy and Winston as they are tracking down Doomfist's accountant in Havana. This is the third Archive event and joins both Retribution and Uprising in providing players with lore information about the characters and locations in the game.

Original Article:

Blizzard is teasing out what appears to be the next Overwatch "Archive" event. These events are designed to give players a peek into the past lore of the game. This time, devs have posted a Spanish language "newspaper article" called the Havana Sun, indicating that, if this is an Archive event, it will take place in Cuba. Archive events have been running in April and May for the past couple of years, so this seems to fit the timeline.

The article spotlights two locations in Cuba, a distillery owned by the Rumbotico family, and a nearby fort that also seems owned by the same family. This has led to speculation that the two may be locations of event maps.

Almost two centuries ago, Clara and Basilio Diaz used their savings to open a small rum distillery. It was a modest family business, specializing in small batch, barrel-aged rum. Until 2060, few outside of Cuba knew the name Don Rumbotico, but the brand was wildly popular in Havana. Alicia, like the generations of Diazes before her, is an expert rum-maker. The classic Don Rumbotico recipe is a closely-guarded family secret, and one celebrated as a Cuban favorite.

Check out the teaser on the Overwatch site.


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