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The Next Expansion for Hearthstone Called Saviors of Uldum & It's Coming Soon

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The next expansion to Hearthstone has been named. Called "Saviors of Uldum," the expansion is coming on August 6th. Saviors of Uldum will feature 135 new cards, new mechanics and game features. The new keyword is "Reborn" that sees minions come back to life the first time they're destroyed, but with only one health. Plagues are also being added to all 5 League of EVIL classes. Quests are also a new feature that, once complete, reward players with a "game-changing new Hero power".

Saviors of Uldum is the second expansion in the yearlong Year of the Dragon storyline and begins where the action left off in the Rise of Shadows expansion. Players will also find a Solo Adventure that picks up where the Dalaran Heist Solo Adventure left off.

In Saviors of Uldum, players will join ranks with the League of Explorers—a motley crew of treasure seekers and Azeroth’s unlikeliest heroes. To get the upper hand against the League of E.V.I.L., players will have to survive such perils as Plague cards with powerful, board-sweeping effects and the Reborn—restless mummified minions that come back to un-life (with just 1 Health remaining) upon being defeated. Would-be heroes can even the odds by completing all-new Quests, a returning mechanic featuring game-changing objective cards that are now easier to achieve and reward players with powerful alternate Hero Powers.

Preorders for the expansion are already open. The 50-pack bundle comes with a Legendary card and a special card back. It retails for $49.99. The 80-pack Mega Bundle runs $79.99 and includes the same features as well as the Elise Starseeker Druid Hero.

Learn more on the Hearthstone site.


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