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The Next EVE Online Expansion is Called Invasion & Its Set to Launch on May 28th

Suzie Ford Posted:
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On May 28th, EVE Online will be expanding again when "Invasion" launches. As the name implies, capsuleers will be facing off against the rising threat of the Triglavian as its forces come to bear. In addition, players will find "new visuals, new content and new system-wide effects" coming as part of the Invasion expansion.

Here is some of what players can expect:

  • "three new tech II Triglavian hulls: the Nergal class Assault Frigate, the Draugur class Command Destroyer and the Ikitursa class Heavy Assault Cruiser"
  • updates to the war declaration system
  • improvements to mutual wars 
  • flat fees for the cost of war declarations
  • The Agency will be overhauled to make "content & activities in New Eden more discoverable and accessible"
  • the Agent Finder will return
  • QoL improvements including "to the station services user experience and interface"
  • a balance pass on the Triglavian Damavik class frigate
  • Tech II ammunition improvements

The EVE team has promised more information in the coming weeks.

In the meantime, head to the EVE Online site to read the introductory blog.


Suzie Ford

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