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The New Rising Damnation Event and Improvements Hit Diablo Immortal This Week

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With a new year, Diablo Immortal is getting a new update, this time a smaller one after December’s major Terror's Tide release. The update will begin a new event and some improvements and quality of life updates to existing features and content.

Some of the new improvements came after community feedback. One of these changes is the ability to buy Reforge Stones with 1,000 platinum. This should open access to the stones a bit since they have only been available by buying Eternal Orbs until this patch. Legendary Gems also get some changes, as “We have made changes to two Legendary Gems to create parity between their effects and that of similar Legendary Gems”. What this means is that two gems get damaged increases to help them be more balanced. 

Another change involves improved notifications, like when you create a Helliquary raid and your Warband and Clan get a notification so they can join you. Similarly, Party Leader’s Bounties will now be shared with party members unless they have a full four bounties themselves. But you can opt out of one you already had in order to fit the one from the party leader. This should serve to make a slightly more seamless experience.

The center of this small patch is the Rising Damnation limited-time event. This event will run from January 5th at 3 AM server time though January 13th. Damnation is coming, the event description says, and no one is safe. Well, you’re not playing Diablo to feel safe.

Daily Rising Damnation tasks will unlock throughout the event and you'll get rewards for completing them. Some of these tasks may include, as a preview shows, salvaging equipment, killing a set number of monsters, and other tasks. As you complete the tasks you'll get rewarded, and if you complete enough tasks you'll get Milestone rewards. 

For full update details, head to Diablo Immortal.


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