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The Mystery is Over, Gamigo Confirms it Will Publish Fractured Online

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With the clues leading up to the announcement and the countdown having run out, Gamigo’s mystery MMO has been confirmed as Dynamight Studios’ Fractured. With the announcement of the publishing deal, the game takes on a new name, Fractured Online.

Fractured Online is an open world sandbox that blends action combat where players can find their own path in the world, and help to shape it . The isometric, open-world game relies on player decisions, since the sandbox is focused on player choice. 

There are three races in Fractured Online, Humans, Wildfolk, and Demons. This choice impacts the game's mechanics and even what type of society the player can live in or how they interact with the other players. Wildfolk community tends to aim to be peaceful and emphasize cooperation and defense. Humans run a little more in the middle where they want to have free will in their society but can battle if needed. But if you really want to get hostile and prefer to cause some terror and trouble you can create a Demon. The flexibility in character progression involves what is called the Knowledge system, which is set to reward players for what they do and not just dry questing. There will be over 400 abilities, 40 status effects, and an assortment of combat abilities to learn, dodge, fight, and otherwise survive and thrive in the world.

There’s also a player driven economy where every item in the game is crafted by the players. Every crafter, farmer, shepherds, scavengers, hunters and everyone else will have a role in the world where interdependence is also a feature. In addition to a player-driven economy, the ability to build cities on continents can lead to alliances and societies depending on how players take their role and what they want to do.

On the game’s blog, Dynamight confirmed the team will still remain in charge of the IP and have full creative control but now they’ll have more resources to continue development and take the game into its future.There will be a Q&A live stream from the development team all about where things go from here on the Gamigo Twitch on December 18th at 1pm Eastern/10am PDT. 


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