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The Mothman Equinox Arrives in Fallout 76, Along With Season 7, and Useful Loot and Ammo Changes

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It's Night of the Moth time in Fallout 76, with the new Mothman Equinox event, the beginning of season 7, along with quality of life changes and fixes. 

Mothman Equinox has been teased for a bit by Bethesda, and now everyone gets the chance to get in and enjoy it. The seasonal event will run through December 21st, and to get started, head to Point Pleasant at the top of the hour to help the Mothman’s followers, The Enlightened, in summoning the Wise Mothman.  This will be a multi-step process, with several objectives you need to join with other people to complete within a time limit. If you're able to complete everything you can join for the final step of the summoning and walk away with some new themed plans. Also, to keep you busy for the rest of the hours,  while the event is live you will find Cultist High priests around Appalachia. Defeat them, and you'll get some other Mothman rewards.

Season 7,  Zorbo’s Revenge has Dr. Zorbo back for revenge against Captain Cosmos. You'll be able to earn rewards for helping Dr. Zorbo with his plans to build a war machine that will defeat his enemy forever.  You'll have new allies who can join you in your C.A.M.P,  be able to rank up and receive special rewards for every level rank above 100.

Some quality of life updates include the ability to loot nearby corpses. You won't need to go through every corpse to see if there's anything good to take with you. You'll also be able to loot a legendary creature just by being nearby as well. There's also team XP sharing, where everyone will share in the XP as long as they're in sight range. The contextual ammo system in Daily Ops has also been expanded to run everywhere and four containers and creatures to always have a chance to drop em all..

 For details on the full update notes, including all the fixes, adjustments, item changes, and more, visit Fallout 76. 


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