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The Mobile Reimaginging of Ragnarok Online, Ragnarok Origin Launches on November 10th

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Be prepared to step back into Niflheim when Ragnarok Origin launches on November 10th. The new mobile take on the classic Gravity MMO is moving closer to release.

This new version of Ragnarok Online follows the successful MMORPG, as well as several spin-offs and different iterations that have come before. Trouble brews among the Gods, Demons, and Humans demons and humans and it's your job to figure out your role in this conflicted world. The mobile version  features updated graphics, seeing Niflheim in a new way, and even features a pretty innovative way to be able to play solo if you don't have a group handy. You'll be able to hire mercenaries to adventure with you and they will act like your party. This solves the problem of playing MMORPGs solo, especially on mobile, when people might be on at different times of the day and have different paces of progress. It’s a promising feature that will help some.

The mobile game was recently in beta and is still hosting pre-registrations with giveaway goals that they're working towards before release. If they reach certain numbers, the launch rewards will be better. Recently, Gravity made an announcement announcing cast members for the game proZD and Lilypichu to mark the title reaching 400,000 pre-registration signups.

With the final release on the horizon, this should be a game that can appeal to newcomers to the Ragnarok franchise as well as veterans who might want to take another spin in a different way.

If you need a refresher on what Ragnarok Online is all about, and how this reflects on Origin, as well as what to expect, you can follow our coverage here. To sign up for the game and claim your pre-registration goodies, you can head here to the Ragnarok Origin site.


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