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The Midsummer Festival is Back in The Lord of the Rings Online

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The Midsummer Festival is back in The Lord of the Rings Online and you can gather to celebrate and also mark the Grand Wedding of Arwen and Aragorn. Get yourself to Minas Tirith to celebrate and take on dozens of available quests and festival challenges for goodies.

The annual event is back with content and quests that vary depending on how much of the main quest line you’ve done on that character. If you’re a vet and finished it all, there’s the usual daily and weekly quest opportunities as well as extras like A Long-awaited Banquet: A Celebration Without End, where you can meet up with and speak with characters attending the banquet to grab a quest.

There’s stuff to do outside Minas Tirith as well, so you’re not limited to just making your way around there. Bree-town, Celondim, Duillond, the Party Tree, and Thorin’s Hall all have event quests you can complete. 

If you want something else to occupy your time, there’s always horse racing, which is part of many an event in LOTRO. If you feel like racing, you can do that by the Festival Grounds near Bree-land and the Delving Fields in the Shire. 

Overall, all of your celebrations can amount to a number of rewards that you can get by exchanging festival tokens you get. Midsummer Tokens have a cap of 250, so if you hit 250, you’ll have to spend some for rewards before any more will count. Some of this year’s rewards include fireworks, a Gondor Midsummer Kite, fireworks, sculptures, and more.

The event will run from now through July 10th, so if you’re participating in one of the biggest annual events, you have some time to make it through all of the content. Some of the overarching event quests require 12 days to complete, so you’ll need it.

For more, see the official Midsummer Festival guide over at The Lord of the Rings Online.


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