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The Lord of the Rings Online's Latest Update Breaks Patcher For Those Running On Older Operating Systems

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Not everyone has hopped on board with Windows 10, and for those Lord of the Rings Online players still sticking with Windows 7 and older, you may have noticed an issue with your patcher after update 28.3 hit this week. It seems the update is actually preventing older OS users from updating the game client.  Standing Stone Games has acknowledged the issue, promising a more permanent fix in the future. Meanwhile, as a stopgap, the team provided some work arounds via the official forums last night.

Unfortunately, especially for those on slower connections or ISPs with data caps, one clear way to fix the issue is simply uninstalling and reinstalling the whole MMO. Jerry "Cordovan" Snook, LOTRO's community manager, notes that the patcher itself has recently been updated to speed along this process. Snook also points out a file that players can download and copy into their main installation folder as well if they don't want to try the installation process. Just note you'll have to have your game closed in order to make changes and replace the file in the folder.

You can check out the detailed information - as well as the link to the file if you're affected by the issue - on the forums. Once you're patched you can check out update 28.3.1, which the community showed its displeasure at the changes made to the Legendary Item grind, expressing anger towards the fact that the new grind itself feels more convoluted than ever before. 


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