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The Lord of the Rings Online's Latest Update Adds Some Much Needed QoL Features

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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The Lord of the Rings Online's Update 27.1 brings with it a much needed quality of life feature - assuming you're a VIP subscriber. While much of the focus has been on the Midsummer Festival and the Great Wedding - as it should - the most recent patch notes has some information that might interest many an adventurer.

VIP subscribers can expect to find a new item at the end of a new daily quest which provides a 48 hour Town Services item. 

VIPs can speak to Wenda Cranesbill in Bree or in any of the housing neighborhoods near their Task boards to accept a daily quest that awards:

  • A 48 hour Town Services item

    • This item opens a UI from which a player can choose Sell, Repair, Vault, Shared Storage, Wardrobe, and Auction House by default. The item provides a Forge and Relic Master services if the character is at least level 45 and in possession of the Seeker of Deep Places trait. 

  • Subscriber's Jug that grants accelerated Crafting times and item wear prevention buffs for 48 hours. 

Giving players a quality of life item like this feels long-overdue, but not unappreciated. Like the crafting "carry-all" bags released with the Minas Morgul expansion last year, LotRO's Town Services item provides an actual benefit to those who use it - especially being able to sell, repair and vault from anywhere to clear out those pesky inventory bags.

We recently had a chance to talk to LotRO's Executive Producer Rob Ciccolini about the Wedding event, as well as the future of The Lord of the Rings Online. Make sure you check out that interview if you missed it last week.


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