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The Lord of the Rings Online's Harvestmath 2022 Festival Is Live Bringing Spooky Festivities to Middle-earth

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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The annual Harvestmath festival is now in full swing in The Lord of the Rings Online, bringing the annual fall festival to Middle-earth once more.

The Harvestmath Festival in LotRO is a tradition, bringing players from all over the game world back to Hobbiton's Party Tree to celebrate the changing of the season and take part in some scary quests, such as exploring the Haunted Burrow. The Party Tree isn't the only place this...erm...party is happening, as quests will be seen at Bree-land and Thorin's Hall, as well as a special festival instance Wistmead.

For those new to the MMO, maybe because the team was giving so much good content away for free lately, Standing Stone Games has posted a Festival Guide on their website to help you along your way. Even for veterans who have maybe taken a few years off doing the Festival rounds, this guide is great help to you too (myself included). 

As always there will be rewards for completing quests and Festival activities, and players can earn rewards from years past as well as the new ones this year such as a Black Marble Wolf-Dog pet, housing items and more.

You can check out the full details on the Lord of the Rings Online website. The Festival is running now through November 2nd, so there is plenty of time earn those sweet, sweet Festival tokens. Recently, LotRO has been ramping up its previews of the upcoming Before the Shadow mini-expansion, such as the new region of Swanfleet, as well as detailing the new Delving mechanic.


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