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The Lord of the Rings Online Update 26 Brings Players To Wilderland

Mists of Wilderland Launches Today With A Massive Patch

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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The Lord of the Rings Online has had a busy few days. Celebrating its 13th anniversary this week, the team at Standing Stone Games also releases one of it's largest patches - Update 26: Mists of Wilderland. 

Mists of Wilderland brings players to the Northern Lands in the waning days of the Third Age,  taking players to the new Wells of Langflood zone. Additionally, the new update brings with it the free story quests in "The Legacy of Durin and the Trials of the Dwarves," as well as the associated quests in the new zone. Currently the quest pack is free to players as part of the free content offerings Lord of the Rings Online is doing through the end of April, but non-VIP players will need to purchase the quest pack to continue after the time period ends. 

The new update is huge, with the official Twitter account stating that it could well take over an hour to patch the game today, so you'll want to start that now if you're looking to hop into Middle-earth this evening.  Additionally, you can join in on the Anniversary celebrations that are going on as The Lord of the Rings Online celebrates its 13th birthday with updated character portrait frames, as well as an account-wide cosmetic pig. 


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