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The Lord of the Rings Online Tweaks PvMP, and Sarch Vorn, the Black Grave Opens on Dec 1st

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Sarch Vorn, the Black Grave is coming tomorrow to The Lord of the Rings Online for Before the Shadow owners. Update 34.0.1 has been released, with a number of fixes, items, PvMP tweaks, and other changes. 

Sarch Vorn, the Black Grave is the newest scaling instance. If you bought the Before the Shadow mini expansion, then this will open up for you tomorrow. You will have to discover its entrance first, in Cardolan.

Located in an old barrow of Tyrn Gorthad, you’ll get to face a powerful enemy whose presence is due to the passage of the Witch-king of Angmar. The instance will be available for players levels 20 through 140, and it does scale so you can play with your friends. Sarch Vorn can be done solo, as a duo, or in a Fellowship. It will open up through Tier 3 difficulty tomorrow, December 1st at 12 PM EST. The deed accompanying Tier 3, “Leading the Charge” will be open for completion through February 16th, 2023.

The rest of the update is full of fixes and improvements. Burglar and Warden get their skills working correctly, Cardolan essences will bind correctly, and several localization adjustments fix German and French text.

Delving rewards get some updates, which should please those who’ve been enjoying the system. The rewards should be more useful, with Delving Writs now given via chests instead of through quest completion, and the removal of coal and rotten fruit from tier 7-10 reward lists. Dyes will drop in small stacks, and Delving Bags of copper, silver, and gold will be available from Delving quartermasters, which you can use to barter for Delving Gems if you need to.

The PvMP overhauls continue, with a series of changes. These are all mostly balance changes, and some of them are made to offset others. The team’s stated goals to increase parity inform the changes this week, with maps now getting adjusted cooldowns, Monster players getting an out of combat movement speed boost, some increased rewards, and more.

Read the full patch notes to see just what changed over at The Lord of the Rings Online.


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