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The Lord of the Rings Online To Discontinue MacOS Client Support on August 25th

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The Lord of the Rings Online developer Standing Stone Games has supported a MacOS client for those players on the platform using the pre-Catalina version of MacOS. In August, however, after several years, the company plans to end official support of the Mac client.

With a series of overhaul and update plans in the works for The Lord of the Rings Online, it seems that Mac players won’t officially be included in that development. Given that Mac support was already relegated to an older OS version, this isn’t entirely surprising. For those who want to continue playing on MacOS will be able to set up a dual boot solution via Windows once official support ends on August 25th.

This also means that customer support service will also come to an end for the Mac client. Download links for the client will remain after support winds down so that players that remain can still keep access if they want, but the client functionality will end.

The decision to end support for an older, less used platform is just one of many in the MMORPG community at this time. Other titles like EVE Online, Star Trek Online, Neverwinter, and EverQuest have already ended support for older systems within the past several months.

While the full details haven’t been released on all of the various upgrades we can expect to come to LOTRO just yet, they are happening. Daybreak Games owner Enad Global 7 announced this week that the Marvel MMORPG it had been developing was canceled and the budget that would have been spent on that project would be redirected to its existing projects, “including the previously announced major upgrades to The Lord of the Rings Online”. 

We know now that there won’t be any upgrades for MacOS players, however. For more on the MacOS client announcement, head over to The Lord of the Rings Online.


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