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The Lord of the Rings Online Pushes Before the Shadow and Update 34 Back a Week to November 15th

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We’ll be waiting a little bit longer for Before the Shadow and Update 34, as The Lord of the Rings Online team has delayed both a week to November 15th.

The team at standing Stone games needed more time to get before the chat already, and the announcement was made ahead of a previously announced stream to preview the upcoming mini expansion. That stream was originally intended to take place today, November 4th, but with the content delayed, that preview will also come in one week. The new date is November 11th at noon Eastern.

Before the Shadow is set to add some new content and quests concentrated in the earlier part of the game. In addition to a range of lore-rich zones filled with the traces of Middle-earth history, there are also new features coming in Before the Shadow, like the new Delving system. There’s also a new Skirmish coming, Doom of Caras Gelebren, which is set way back in the Second Age. 

While the majority of the new content is aimed at lower-level, early game players (or any alts you might spend time creating to begin in the new starter instance), this system is one way of making even the new content worth your while if you’re a LOTRO veteran.

When it comes to Update 34, all class spec traits will be reset, so everyone will need to respect once the mini expansion and update are out. Now we know this will be on the 15th. This change will help players since after the update lands, all of your class trait points will come from leveling up. It should streamline the leveling system and help players make better choices without having to struggle to get what they need to level up.

You can read the official delay announcement and watch for any updates over at The Lord of the Rings Online.


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