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The Lord of the Rings Online Previews the Lore-Rich Region of Swanfleet, Coming in Before the Shadow

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The Lord of the Rings Online has a new preview of the upcoming brand new region of  Swanfleet coming in the Before the Shadow mini expansion. This new region of Middle-earth is one of the two new regions in the upcoming content.

Expect to encounter Swanfleet early. With the mini expansion featuring content targeted at levels 1 to 32, this region, made up of some wetlands now between the Mitheithel and Glanduin rivers, is lush and lively. 

“Now the tumbled stones that once were home to the Elves stand as silent reminders of yesteryear’s glories, and the rivers’ turbulent waters swirl among Tharbad’s bones. Trolls lurk in the marshes, Orcs haunt the pools’ dark shores, and far more ominous figures have been rumoured among the shadows of late…”

Indeed, a great darkness will be coming soon. In the introduction to Before the Shadow on the LOTRO site, it says “Embark on a perilous journey tracking down a band of brutal Uruk warriors wreaking havoc on the pleasant land of Swanfleet”. Yet before all this happens, you may get to see some of the beauty of the location.

Swanfleet is loaded with history, and the region was  “once home to two historically great cities, both of which now stand in ruins”. As such, there are older structures and ruins to be found in your exploration. After those cities fell, there was also the city of Tharbad, held by the Dúnedain, but also now lost over the past century.

These are, thus, some lore-steeped locations, and while your questing and aventureing in the region might not uncover it all, this preview is very thorough. Expect a tour through the history of these lands, as well as some new screenshots showing off both greenery and life, and ruins and decay. 

Head over to The Lord of the Rings Online for the full preview of Before the Shadow’s region of Swanfleet.


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