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The Lord of the Rings Online Players Pay Tribute To Sir Ian Holm

In-game tributes happening across servers

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With the news Friday that actor Sir Ian Holm passed away, players of The Lord of the Rings Online took to Middle-earth to pay tribute to the man who brought Uncle Bilbo to life on the big screen.

Sir Ian Holm passed away Friday at the age of 88, and players have been pouring in tributes throughout the weekend to pay homage to the actor that introduced Bilbo Baggins to a new generation of Lord of the Rings fans, having starred as the Hobbit in Peter Jackson's film trilogy. 

One Redditor posted a video from the Laurelin server paying tribute to the actor by marching to the Shire, setting off fireworks and then being regaled by a Dwarvish minstrel playing a song for the group.

For some players, hanging around Bilbo himself in the Hall of Fire located in The Last Homely House in Rivendell was a way to pay tribute and talk about memories of seeing Holm light up the screen as the adventurous Hobbit. According to Redditor Ch_Mell, over three hundred players gathered at "a moment's notice" while a minstrel played the soundtrack "Misty Mountains."

via Ch_Mell on Reddit

Standing Stone Games also opened up Baggins' Birthday this weekend in tribute to the late actor, allowing players to join in the festivities over the weekend in honor of Bilbo. 


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