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The Lord of the Rings Online Opens Up Bullroarer Server For Minas Morgul Testing This Week

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As Minas Morgul fast approaches The Lord of the Rings Online, the venerable MMO has opened up its test realm for players to get in there and break things. LotRO's Bullroarer server is now open for players to copy their character over,  when them being able to check out the Minas Morgul expansion later this week, helping to find bugs and issues before its full release on the live server environments.

In a forum post by Cardovan, the Bullroarer server is open with character copies to allow player to  check out and help bug test the new content. Currently the server is slated to open this week, but character copies themselves are open right now.

Character Copies to the Bullroarer Public Preview Server are now available. We are currently planning our first preview of the Minas Morgul expansion on Bullroarer later this week, and are enabling character copies to Bullroarer to help players preview the content. World Transfers beyond character copies to Bullroarer remain disabled, and Shared Account Storage transfer remains unavailable. Shared Account Storage copies to Bullroarer will not complete even though the option is visible.

If you play on the Landroval server, you'll want to copy your character before Wednesday's maintenance, as the scheduled downtime for the server could prevent character copies during the Minas Morgul testing after the fact. 

Minas Morgul is approaching at the end of the month. Recently, we looked into some of the experiences we're hoping to see with LotRO's new expansion, such as reliving the fall of Minas Ithil and helping Isildur spirit the Sapling of the White Tree out before the host of Mordor captured him. 


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