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The Lord of the Rings Online Is Previewing Before the Shadow This Friday

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The Lord of the Rings Online is hosting an Extra Life stream for charity this weekend like many game companies out there, however, they are taking the time during the event to showcase the next major addition to the MMO.

Each Friday the Standing Stone Games team typically takes to Twitch and YouTube to stream some, showing off the MMO as well as talking with the community via Jerry "Cordovan" Snook, the CM at SSG. This week they are using the occasion to show off the upcoming mini-expansion, giving players a preview before it launches this month.

Starting at noon ET, 9am PT, the Extra Life LotRO stream will have Before the Shadow on screen, showing players a glimpse at the new content update that is designed with newer players in mind, though it will still have quite a few things to do for veteran players alike. While we don't know exactly what the stream will show us during the kick off to the Extra Life stream, whether it'll be one of the new zones such as Cardolan or Swanfleet or a deep dive into the new Delving system. 

However, it should be enough to whet the appetite of those looking forward to the mini-expansion when it launches next week. You can check out the stream on the official Lord of the Rings Online Twitch Channel on Friday morning.


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