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The Lord of the Rings Online Interview Looks Ahead To River-Hobbits, More

River-Hobbits, Missions and More

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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The folks at MMO Central have been busy at PAX East, interviewing the developers of The Lord of the Rings Online, Standing Stone Games. There is a lot to unpack in these interviews, but the big news would be that the LotRO developers are looking at adding a new Hobbit-race variant, River-Hobbits. 

Personally, River Hobbits would be interesting - most fans will recognize the most famous of the Riverfolk - Gollum. In addition to the Riverfolk,  the Lord of the Rings Online team is looking to adding a new Mission feature which would allow low-level characters to visit high-level content. This is exciting for those who start playing and want to see things such as the Battle of Pelennor Fields or the confrontation at Isengard. 

You can check out the interviews in full from MMO Central in the video embeds below. What features are you looking most forward to as LotRO moves into its thirteenth year?


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