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The Lord of the Rings Online Improves Its Minas Morgul Pre-Orders With New Items

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Fans who have pre-ordered the Minas Morgul expansion of The Lord of the Rings Online are in for a bit of a surprise, as the team behind the MMORPG have added a new item to improve the offerings. For the Ultimate Fan and Collector's Editions of the expansion, crafters are going to get a boon with the new Carry-All item.

Effectively acting as a crafting bag, the new carry-all item will consolidate and organize crafting materials, getting them out of the general inventory, freeing up more space for those trophy items.

From the new post:

We are making our Ultimate Fan and Collector’s Editions of Minas Morgul even better! When Minas Morgul launches, all players who purchase the Ultimate Fan and Collector's Edition will have Carry-alls delivered to them. A Carry-all helps you consolidate and organize your inventory by storing your various crafting materials inside it using only one slot of space. Because these Carry-alls are Bound to Account, sharing crafting materials amongst your characters becomes easier.

Collector's edition fans can find a Small Crafting Carry-All, allowing ten different unique items to be held, each up to stacks of 2000, while purchasers of the LotRO Ultimate Fan Bundle will get both the Small and a Large version of the item, which holds up to 50 unique items with stacks up to 5000. 

These items are only one per account it seems, make sure you choose wisely when The Lord of the Rings Online: Minas Morgul launches at the end of the month. These items will be transferred to the character you first log in as. Additionally, you won't see this item cross servers - so if you have a crafter on Arkenstone but spend some time on Landroval to check out Weatherstock, you'll need to make sure you log into your crafter first. 


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