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The Lord Of The Rings Online Have Opened Up Free Transfers Off Of Legndary Anor Server

Closing On August 31st

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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The first of the legendary servers, Anor, is closing at the end of the month and players are able to start the process of moving their legendary characters off the server onto new homes.

The Lord of the Rings Online's Anor server has been slated for closure for a bit now, as  Standing Stone Games announced back in June. We now have an official date: August 31st as the date of closure. Despite the upcoming closure, the latest expansion, Fate of Gundabad has now launched on the legendary server to get players ready for the normal servers later this month.

As such, SSG is giving players free character transfers off of the shuttering server, as well as an FAQ detailing some of the issues players might have when doing so.

One of the big hurdles is with Kinship leaders, who will need to sell their Kin houses before the transfer. Additionally, mail doesn't go with the character, so if you're using your mailbox as an impromptu bank vault, you'll need to detach those attachments ahead of transferring. If you own a premium house, you'll need to sell that too to receive 100% in compensated housing writs to re-purchase on the new server.

Transfers are free through the end of the year, with characters being unavailable for a transfer after December 31st. You can check out the full FAQ on the Lord of the Rings Online website.

In other LotRO news, if you've been interested in some player housing information, Standing Stone Games will be speaking next week on D&Co du Milieu's Discord server. The Q&A with the SSG team will take place on August 19th at noon eastern. 


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