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The Lord of the Rings Online Expanding The Shire, Making Most DLC and Expansions Permanently Free

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 The latest producer's letter for the Lord of the Rings Online is talking spring and the game's upcoming 15th anniversary. Coming soon in update 33, there will be an expansion to The Shire, the first one in years, and update to available content and VIP.  Several classes and the High Elf race, as well as all of the premium quests, instances,  and expansions released since 2007, and including Helm's Deep, will be made permanently free for all.

This follows last year's free offering of most of the game's released premium quests with a special code. Maybe releasing the extra content as a gift pack for all may have led to a bump in activity. Last month, Rangers and Ruins  already made some changes with a lift of the gold cap, and Virtue, Race, and Class traits thoughts already made free for all. The High Elf ace will also be free for all, as well as several classes: Rune Keepers, Wardens, and Beornings also available to all.  Of course, with the inclusion of all premium content and expansions through Helm's Deep, this gives you a chance to play through all of the game's content in a new way if you haven't had access to those quests or classes before.

VIP members will now get access to standard versions of Mordor, Minas Morgul, and War of Three Peaks in their subscription as that level changes. There are more changes to VIP coming, but none released just yet.

Details on upcoming releases have to start with Yondershire, expanding The Shire, with an area known for Hobbit recluses and those with something to hide. The Yondershire also has some history of being an area that has had some conflicts with the softer and more comfortable parts.

Also coming soon will be a higher level cap and the Legendary World of Anor, which will take players to Minas Morgul. This will be out on April 13th and will also be followed by updates for Shadowfax and Treebeardin the remainder of spring.

There’s a promise for more announcements to come in April, with regard to content and the upcoming anniversary celebrations. The Anniversary Festival is coming back, with a new instance called “A Flurry of Fireworks!” and more unreleased details.

Read the full producer’s letter over at The Lord of the Rings Online.


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