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The Lord of the Rings Online Enables Baggins' Birthday through June 23

Rest in Peace, Ian Holm

Garrick Durham-Raley Posted:
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In honor of Ian Holm, after news today of his passing, The Lord of the Rings Online is enabling Baggins' Birthday event through until June 23rd, and extending the Spring Festival through June 29.

Bring your fireworks and knock back an ale, all you Hobbitses. For today we celebrate the life of Sir Ian Holm, actor who played Bilbo Baggins in The Lord of the RIngs movies. Announced via Twitter, The Lord of the Rings Online will celebrate Baggins' Birthday over the weekend.

News came today that Sir Ian Holm passed away after battling illness related to Parkinson's. His agent confirmed to The Guardian that “He died peacefully in hospital, with his family and carer." Holm was unfortunately not a part of the recent The Lord of the Rings virtual reunion, but had a message for them saying, "I miss you all and hope your adventures have taken you to many places, I am in lockdown in my hobbit home, or holm.”

For more info on Baggins' Birthday, check out this forum post detailing the event and how to do the quest. In other The Lord of the RIngs Online news, you can still grab a free questing coupon through August to unlock a whole treasure trove of content on your account.


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