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The Lord of the Rings Online Delivers PvMP Changes With The Further Adventures of Elladan and Elrohir

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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This week’s update for The Lord of the Rings Online, The Further Adventures of Elladan and Elrohir, adds new content that follows the twins from Rivendell to Lothlórien. The update is a big one, adding content to the Yondershire, additional details and features to events, balance tweaks, and begins delivering on the promised Monster Play (PvMP) updates and changes.

Since the update is named for Elrond’s sons, talking to him will get you started on the new content. If it’s rewards you’re looking for, the Treasure Bugan event has been updated this time around, with increases spawn rates, a streamlined daily quest, and improved rewards for the one time quest, Thwarting the Treasure Bugans. 

Yet, the meat of the changes is in PvMP. 

The changes are extensive, beginning with unlocking all monster player classes for all players that have completed the new player experience or have a Free Peoples character that has reached level two in the game world. Starting skill loadouts for monster player characters have also been boosted, given that the feature will now be open to a wide variety of players, this will help them survive and adjust. Monster player skill rank requirements have also been reduced with the aim of a complete kit by Rank 5. Gated appearances still keep their ranks, and there are new appearances available for points in the store.

Free Peoples classes can ride into the Ettenmoors to participate beginning at level 20. There will be scaling in place for all level 2-129 players to keep things even and competitive. There are also changes and additional quests to introduce participation in PvMP to new or less-experienced players and otherwise get people to participate again.

Feedback and requests to fix PvMP have been happening for some time, and this update will deliver on some of the bigger changes, including making it easier to participate, instead of treating the feature like it was just there and otherwise perhaps not well integrated.

You can read the full notes with details on all the changes here at The Lord of the Rings Online.


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