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The Lord of the Rings: Adventure Card Game Available Now On Steam

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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As previously announced, Asmodee is bringing the Lord of the Rings: Adventure Card Game to Steam for PC and Mac.

Key features include:

  • Adventure card gaming: Players can experience the only card card game that lets them play an adventurer in Middle-earth. They will craft their own stories in the rich world of J.R.R. Tolkien by engaging in solo card-based battles or in collaborative campaigns with a friend in co-op mode.
  • A new story in Middle-earth: Gamers can develop and discover new stories in the world depicted in J.R.R. Tolkien’s books. They can build a Fellowship of heroes from some of the most iconic characters and wage battle in the most famous locations of the Third Age of Middle-earth.
  • A unique way of delivering new content: Players can obtain full expansion packs that provide both campaigns with new quests and hero packs with thematic cards, forging their adventures in Middle-earth.
  • Unique game mechanics: Players build custom decks, each based around three heroes with unique abilities. They draw upon an ever-growing pool of cards based on the distinctive spheres of the selected heroes. Players can then challenge themselves along with friends to complete Quests. They progress through their story by defeating the forces of Sauron in combat, and by using Willpower to resolve Objectives. Willpower can also be added to the Fate Pool, used to trigger contextual abilities during a Quest. In turn, the Threat Meter displays the increasing danger from Sauron, triggering roadblocks that can disrupt player strategies.

The Lord of the Rings: Adventure Card Game is available today on PC & Mac (Steam) for $19.99 with the tutorial campaign and the first campaign. The Shadow’s Fall campaign is available for $4.99 until September 9, and afterwards for $9.99.


The game will release on PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox this autumn. Check out the trailer below.



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